Dhara Rose Sings Songs for the Soul

pe_robert_d_dhara_r_140918_dsc_1509_modDhara's next performance is Sunday, February 11, 2018 at Unity Church on Vine Ave in Fort Collins.  I'll be performing Kirtan with my friends, Susan St. Clair, Heather Jones, Oscar DeZoto and Tim Peak.  We sing from 6-7:30.  For more information on Kirtan, visit www.kirtancommunity.com.


These photos were taken during my September 15, 2015 show at Avogadro's Number where I performed "Song for the Soul" with world-famous entertainer, pianist, arranger and composer, Robert D. I was also accompanied by Oscar DeZoto on Drums and Bassist Roger Barnhart.

dhara-and-robert-d-resized-smallerdhara-rose These were taken at the Spring Open Stage Fundraiser 2015 at the Lincoln Center.  I'm with Robert D, who was providing entertainment for that event.

dhararoseThis photo was taken on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner The Jewel in February 2016.  I was sailing with Sonia Cooper and the cruise was a  Dave Koz and Friends excursion. I auditioned for the talent show (I was second runner-up).

We visited six gorgeous Caribbean ports and had a most wonderful time!  Thank you, Sonia Cooper!!!