Sculpted Wool Critters

In 2010, for my birthday, my friend Robert Walton gave me a doll that resembled a meditating goddess.  It was made of felt and I had never seen anything like it.  I was intrigued.  When I found a book called "Irresistible Felted Animals" I was so excited!  I started felting these small, adorable creatures in 2011 and find each project to be completly engaging and satisfying.  They take forever to make and so there's not much of a market for them--I'd have to charge hundreds of dollars for each one to get a reasonable return on my time investment. So clearly, they are a "labor of love".  But they are a wonderful source of pleasure and make great presents!

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Dhara Rose  Dhara Rose  Dhara Rose  Dhara Rose  Dhara Rose  Dhara Rose

dhara_and_her_dharlings_cropped_1Dhara and her Dharlings!