Open your heart with singing the names and aspects of God

Kirtan is the ancient practice of reciting the names and aspects of God in a repetitive way using beautiful melodies and traditional East Indian instruments. Learn more about the art of kirtan   Kirtan website


kirtan-summit-3This photo was taken at the Kirtan Summit in Boulder in June of 2012.  That's me on harmonium with Susan St Clari, Heather Jones and Jeffery Rogers on tabla.

backcover2webchai_ma_kirtanYou can hear clips of traditional chants by clicking here.  You can find our CD "Chai Ma! Kirtan on sale on CDBaby.



Dhara Rose; Anand and Dhara; Dhara and Jeffrey Rogers (all taken at Austin's Downtown).  We held our kirtans every Friday at Om Ananda Studios next door to Austins (above the Clothes Pony).