Open your heart with singing the names and aspects of God

Kirtan is the ancient practice of reciting the names and aspects of God in a repetitive way using beautiful melodies and traditional East Indian instruments. Learn more about the art of kirtan   Kirtan website


kirtan-summit-3This photo was taken at the Kirtan Summit in Boulder in June of 2012.  That's me on harmonium with Susan St Clair, Heather Jones and Jeffery Rogers on tabla drums.

backcover2webchai_ma_kirtanYou can hear clips of traditional chants by clicking here.  You can find our CD "Chai Ma! Kirtan on sale on CDBaby.



Dhara Rose; Anand and Dhara; Dhara and Jeffrey Rogers (all taken at Austin's Downtown).  We held our kirtans every Friday at Om Ananda Studios next door to Austins (above the Clothes Pony). Om Namah Shivaya!